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Afina IT - SaaS
for Financial Companies

We help different MFIs, MCCs, IFCs, banks and other financial institutions to increase their profit and reduce operational expenses during more than 5 years.

What can Afina?

Work with clients
Processes optimization
Processing requests
Loan Products
1. Client Attraction
Build up volumes at no extra cost.
  • Connection of lead generators
  • Integration of online applications with the company website
  • Telemarketing
Everything for the convenience of your company and your clients, performance growth and complete control over the processes.
2. Products
  • Automatic generation of clients documents
  • Smart system of automatic notifications for clients of system events
  • Accept payments
  • Transfer money
  • Attaching bank card
  • Signing legal documents
  • Prolongation or refinancing of a loan
  • Repeated applications
  • History of loans
We create the most comfortable environment for your client, which significantly increases conversion and average check.
3. Client Account
1. Supervision of Managers Work
Convenient management of your staff - its work becomes as transparent as possible.
  • Access control
  • Roles settings
  • Recording and storage of conversations with clients
  • History of clients interaction
You receive visual and convenient analytics allowing you to work on bugs and evolve.
2. Reporting and Statistics
  • Uploading ready-made reports
  • Statistics on key indicators
  • Transfer money online
  • Instant display of accepted payments
  • Early repayment and recalculation of the payment schedule
The most convenient tools for working with payments, accruals and other financial transactions.
3. Payments
4. Collection
We effectively reduce the percentage of non-return and automate the process of interaction with the client
  • Distribution of applications
  • Documents preparation for the court
  • Transfer to external agencies
5. Additional Opportunities
  • Integration with BI-services
  • Accounting integrations
1. Useful Integrations
Get to know your customers better using off-the-shelf integrations.
  • Government databases and services
  • Credit bureaus
  • Specialized services
  • Anti Fraud system
Automation of client checks and main processes associated with the issuance and maintenance of a loan.
2. Decision Making
  • Scoring and setting of decision making algorithm
  • Automated processing of client actions
1. Lots of loan products
All the most popular loan products.
  • Collateral loans (real estate, transport)
  • POS-lending
  • PDL and Instalment
  • Credit line

Why choose us?

Meeting deadlines
We responsibly approach work and do it on time
No hidden charges
No hidden fees - full transparency
We have extensive experience working with the financial sector
Features and Products
The most complete set of features and products
System stability
Our systems ensure smooth operation
Data security
We guarantee the security of your data.

With our Service

11 millons +
Loans issued
15 millions +
The amount of loans in dollars
154 млн +
Checked applications
Our rates
We use flexible tariff plans to provide you with the most comfortable terms for accessing the software.
Credit bureaus
With no restrictions
With no restrictions
With no restrictions
The number of loans per month
up to 1000 loans
up to 151 000 $ turnover
up to 3000 loans
up to 454 000 $ turnover
No limit
Number of requests per month
With no restrictions
With no restrictions
With no restrictions
Decision module
Individual setting
Individual setting
Lead generators
With no restrictions
With no restrictions
With no restrictions
Collateral objects
Custom reporting setup
Telephony module
BI service
Personal manager
Cost per month
3 490 $
9 990 $
Cost is discussed separately.
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